Exciting New Heritage Courses Confirmed

Bow making CourseNew heritage courses for 2013 have been confirmed to take place at the Irish National Heritage Park, Ferrycarrig, Wexford. Courses include Bow, Arrow and a Walking Stick Making. With a new walking stick course now added to the events Calendar for the upcoming New Year.

These heritage courses offer customers unique and lifelong skills. For example over the course of two day Arrow Making Course which will be run in the incredible setting of the Irish National Heritage Park you will make your own arrow shafts, heads and fletchings all made from techniques spanning from the stone-age and up, including the use of primitive glues. How to make a quiver, armguard and finger tab will also be demonstrated during the course.

You can also learn about the art of  bow-making and the use of bows in hunting and warfare.  With the newly added walking Stick course participants will make a walking stick right from the beginning, which includes rounding the shaft and they will also carve a barley twist while also sizing the walking stick to their own body dimensions which will make the walking stick uniquely theirs!

First and foremost,  these courses will be practical and  hands-on courses. Each course promises to introduce you to the fascinating rediscovery of what was once a live-or-die skill for our ancestors. As there is limited avaliability booking is required to secure a place on each of the courses with the booking period now open to all.

The first of these courses start on 2-3rd of February with a Bow making weekend other dates have been confirmed for more bow making, arrow making and walking stick courses in 2013. The full details of these exciting heritage courses are now available on the Irish National Heritage Parks website http://www.inhp.com/events/upcoming-courses/ or tel 053 9120733 to book your place.

 Christmas gift idea!  Gift Vouchers are  now  available at our visitor centre or tel 053 9120733  or email info@inhp.com for more information on upcoming courses visit   http://www.inhp.com/events/upcoming-courses/


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