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The Only Viking in the Village

Neil Delamere is going back to his roots – his half Viking, half Norman roots, to be exact – to find out everything there is to know about our axe-toting ancestors who left such a huge mark on our country. In this two-part series, Neil will uncover the fact and fiction behind his hairy ancestors, while trying to see if he has any Viking left in him as he eats, dresses, sails and fights like a Viking! The culmination of his journey sees Neil put his new found Viking knowledge to the test by moving in with some modern day Vikings in Denmark – a group of rather hirsute gentlemen who want nothing more than to impale Neil on the end of a pointy sword. On his comically historical journey from Ireland to Denmark.

Viking wins an IFTA!

The series “The Only Viking in the Village”  won an IFTA award for Best Factual programme.

The 2 part series featured comedian Neil Delamere going in search of his Viking roots, while dispelling some myths about our Nordic cousins along the way. On his comically historical journey from Ireland to Denmark, Neil took to the standup stage in Waterford with his own comedic musings about the Vikings.
The programme was produced by Anne Heffernan, Executive Produced by Bernadine Carraher, Directed by Conor Morrissey, our DOP was Fearghal O’Hanlon and Fran McNulty was Production Co-Ordinator/Researcher.


Taking inspiration from the warriors of the past check out this six Nation Ruby Teaser filmed at the Irish National Heritage Park

Shot with much thanks at the Irish National Heritage Park, Wexford.

Director – Stephen Mac Devitt Producer – Wesley Liddy Script – Liddy & Mac Devitt Cameraman – Cormac Downes Editor – Alan Mc Grath Actor – Neill Fleming

Music – The Tree of Life by Clint Mansell, Kronos Quartet & Mogwai from The Fountain OST

Produced for RTÉ Sport

A project by Gael & Gall featuring. Shot in and around the Viking longhouse at the Irish National Heritage Park, Ferrycarrig, Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Diarmaid & Strongbow – Akajava Films for TG4 Perhaps the key event of Irish history in the last thousand years was the arrival a small group of cousins on the Wexford coast in 1169. Of mixed Norman and Welsh blood, their followers predominantly Welsh and Flemish, they hurled themselves into the mêlée of contemporary Irish politics, at the invitation of the Irish themselves, and ended up almost co…nquering the whole country. If they had been sunk by a storm, or wiped out on landing, Irish history could have been very different. It they had succeeded in capturing the whole country, could this could have led to a happier outcome, with a strong Norman/Irish state along the lines of the English kingdom? For the King of England was also Duke of Normandy, and a vassal of the French king. Could Strongbow have become King of Ireland and still be Earl of Pembroke? Irish people still debate fervently the “800 years of oppression”… Combat Action Crew on location in The Irish National Heritage Park.


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