Ringfort Stayover Experience (flat rate for up to 6 people)





The Irish National Heritage Park is delighted to offer you a unique opportunity to experience life in Early Medieval Ireland.  You can avail of the chance to stay in a perfect replica of a 1,500-year-old Irish ringfort living as our ancestors did for a night or two.

You will stay in the big house in the ringfort, which has stone walls and a thatched roof, with a central hearth.  It will sleep 6-8 comfortably.

‘Check-in’ will be after 2pm but you are welcome to come in earlier and take a guided tour of the Park with our compliments.  When the time comes to move into the Ringfort, you will be given costumes from the period as well as a full briefing on everything you need to know, from lighting the fire to looking after the animals (yes, there are animals too, in season!).

Cooking is over an open fire in the centre of the house (but there is also a fridge hidden away at the back to keep food fresh overnight). For evening meal, you can either cook for yourselves or we can arrange to have a cauldron of stew delivered to you, to be heated over the fire and eaten with brown bread (€10 per person)

You can bring your own wine and beer with you, or we can supply beer and mead of the period. There will be plenty of fuel for the fire and full private wash facilities (inc shower) are just down the path. ‘Check-out’ will be at 12.00 next day.

The overnight rate for the ringfort is €400.  This is a flat rate for up to six people (additional charge per head of €25 for each extra occupant)

We can organise traditional archery and spear throwing sessions. In the evening, you can also arrange a private ‘Hawk Walk’ through the grounds of the Park, in the company of our falconer and one of his magnificent birds. You will learn to fly the birds and have them land again on your arms. (*at additional costs)