Try courses and workshops in Wood Carving, Foraging, Creative Writing, Leather Craft, Blacksmithing and more at the Irish National Heritage Park, Wexford

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At the Irish National Heritage Park, you can immerse yourself in learning the skills and traditions of long ago with courses and workshops at our site in Wexford inspired by our ancestors’ way of life.

Our ancestors worked extensively with their hands and developed many skills for their basic survival, including tool-making, hunting, foraging, building using mud and branches (wattle and daub), and preparing meat and fowl for cooking. They also used the resources available to them to express who they were and leave a mark on their communities through art, writing and craft.

Now we run over 60 courses and workshops throughout the year where groups or individuals can come to the Park and learn a craft or traditional skill.

Courses include everything from tool-making, creative writing, wood carving and leather craft, to foraging, bushcraft skills, flint knapping and stone wall building! There are also more active courses and workshops available where you can learn how to use a sword like a Medieval knight, attend a Viking warrior bootcamp, or immerse yourself in an archaeological dig for a day!

You will work and play in an authentic setting out in the Park with the sights and sounds of 9000 years of history around you. Our course leaders are all local skilled people and they love to share their knowledge and skill. Coming to a course or workshop at the Irish National Heritage Park is an opportunity to pause time for a bit and get immersed in learning a new craft or skill, just like our ancestors! Our courses are ideal for team building and corporate groups, and we also run a number of parent/child courses for a nice, family bonding experience.

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