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Our First Blog Post

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Welcome to our first Blog post

My name is Marie and I am part of the social media team here at the Heritage Park with Alan and Chris. We created our team back in 2017 as we believed there was a real need to produce informative, educational but also fun content for you. 

Thanks to Alan’s filming and editing skills and Chris’ radio background (and his love for being in front of the camera!), we have been able to create many videos promoting events, activities and crafters at the park.  As the interest in our videos grew, we decided to create “ Behind the Scenes” videos to show what we are up to on a regular basis. 

I remember very clearly a conversation with the then senior tour guide when I started here back in 2006 as a French Tourism student. I told him that Irish people were very welcoming to which he answered “ Irish people aren’t welcoming, they are just nosy!”. 13 years on, I can say that rather than being nosy people in general are just interested in what’s going on. 

That’s actually the purpose of this new blog, telling people what we are up to. Every month, I will try my best to give you an overview of what’s happening here at the Park. 

New tour schedule

Over the past two months, we have been running a new guided tours schedule. Our guided tour offer is now divided into 3 tours:

Prehistoric Ireland: 

When the word “prehistory” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a very hairy caveman wearing a mammoth hide, holding a wooden mallet and yelling “Captain Caveman”. Well, that’s not very accurate…During this tour, hear about the first people who arrived in Ireland after the last Ice Age. These people lived by hunting, gathering and fishing. Travel through the New Stone Age to discover how the arrival of farming changed this way of life. People started to plant and harvest crops and to domesticate animals for farming. Continue onto the Bronze Age when stone tools were replaced by copper and then by bronze.

 Early Christian Ireland:

When one hears this title, it’s easy to just think of an old monk hunched over the unfinished Book of Kells scribbling by candlelight with his tongue clenched between his teeth. Monks were an important part of Irish society but there is far more to the period. Learn about the oldest surviving form of Irish script, Ogham. Hear the stories of the High kings and the Golden Age of Ireland.  

Age of Invasion:

Did you know that the terrifying Vikings didn’t actually wear horned helmets? Those might have looked very intimidating, impressive (and pretty cool!) but they would have been useless in battle as too easy for the enemy to grab…On this tour, you will discover how Vikings settled in Ireland, built our first towns, minted coins and traded with the continent. Then climb the hill of Carrig to learn about the Norman invaders and visit the site of the first Norman Castle in Ireland which was built by Robert Fitzstephen in 1169.

So far, we have received very positive feedback on this new offer as it gives you much more options and flexibility to create your very own schedule. Come along, try one or all of our new guided tours, listen to the tour guides’ breathtaking stories and let us know what you think!

Carrig 850

2019 has been a very exciting and eventful year so far for us and for our partners at The Irish Archaeology Field School and there is still a lot to look forward to. In May 1169, 850 years ago, the first Anglo Normans arrived on the shores of Bannow in County Wexford. As part of the 850 commemorations, the IAFS ran a great number of Summer Lectures over the last 2 months. If you didn’t get to attend the lectures, you can catch up on our YouTube channel

This Friday (26th July), we will be officially launching the Carrig Centre with various activities for the whole family. There will be a children’s archaeology camp, displays of artefacts, experimental archaeology demonstrations and much more. 

Then on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th October, we will be hosting the Carrig 850 International Conference which was organised to coincide with the publication of the first book on the Carrig project ‘Carrick, County Wexford: Ireland’s First Anglo-Norman Stronghold”.

The first day will consist of talks from Irish and International schoolars on medieval history, Anglo-Norman sites and Carrig. The day will finish with a launch of the book. The second day will focus on practical workshops, craft sessions and experimental archaeology demonstrations.

If you would like to take part in the conference, register here

New Website and Online Ticketing

Our new website is now live! We are very happy with it and delighted to have an online ticketing system. Hopefully, this will make your life a bit easier buying tickets or booking a course online.

A massive thank you to Pixel Pod,  Star Content and Clearbookings for all their hard work on it!

Our new website is now live! We are very happy with it and delighted to have an online ticketing system. Hopefully, this will make your life a bit easier buying tickets or booking a course online.

Yvonne in Pixel pod understood straight away what we were looking for. Alan and I were always very excited to see the changes that Yvonne made to the website but when we saw the animated icons that she created, we were like two kids on Christmas morning!

Caroline (Star Content) spent time with us looking at what we have here at the Park. We were very overwelmed when we realised how much we have on offer! Caroline was great in taking all this content and giving a fresh perspective that portrays the Park in a fun and exciting way.

Ciaran in Clearbookings created a bespoke ticketing system, he found answers and solutions to our many queries.