Iron Age Pigs

Ancient Bred PigsThe Irish National Heritage Park has two new members of staff with Cooper and Bronze two Iron Age pigs (Wild boar mother and Tamworth Boar father)!

Our two Iron Age Pigs can be seen in the pig range which has been created in the woodland area between the Ringfort [site 7] and the Monastery [site 8]. These Ancient bred piglets are now a significant visitor attraction and have settled well into their new home within the Irish National Heritage Park.

These pigs you see here have been specially bred to show you what the pigs on a Ringfort farm of 1,500 years ago might have looked like. St Patrick tells us that he was forced to work as a slave for many years herding pigs here in Ireland, and these are probably the type of pigs he would have seen.

These pigs are a cross between a Wild Boar and Tamworth Pig. Wild Boar retain all the agility and ferocity of their ancient ancestors, while the Tamworth is a very old breed, descended ultimately from a type of pig known as an Irish Grazier. A cross between a Wild Boar and a Tamworth is often described as an Iron Age Pig.

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