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It’s the season to be creative!

A few years ago we started producing fun and informative video content for our social channels. We are all consuming huge amounts of content through video and film on the web and we know it is important that our voice is represented. The content is a great resource for visitors, historians, visiting schools and it keeps us on our toes! Making content for the Carrig project is challenging as we are working with a story that is 850 years old and the artefacts unearthed present their own challenges, while making videos for the hurling matches throughout the year is great fun. But the Christmas video is the one that brings us the most joy. It’s not easy and every year we spend huge amounts of time trying to come up with ideas that are funny or sweet but most importantly easy to make here in the Park with limited equipment and an elusive budget. The first year we got lucky as one of our tour guides wrote a really love poem – see bottom of post.

This years film

A couple of years ago we tried to involve as many as the staff as possible, and we produced a documentary on the legend of Santa’s birthplace- Wexford!  Both young and old really enjoyed it and the staff had a great time filming it. We had our very own news crew send us reports from all over the world as far away as France, Romania and Zimbabwe. Our lead anchor Chris Cringle and Christmas reporter Jack Frost led us on a merry journey proving that in fact Santa did come from the model county.

Santa is indeed from Wexford

This year poor Jack wished for an All Ireland Title for the Wexford Hurlers, but you guessed it, we don’t always get what we wish for and his heart strings were tugged by a couple of youngsters wanting no more than a fishing rod and a pet duck. The dilemma was set up and we had to watch as Jack struggled to do the right thing, or did he? This years video is at the top of this post.

Our Christmas poem from a few years ago.

We do hope you enjoy our Christmas films and indeed all our videos throughout the year. If you do please consider subscribing to our youtube channel here.

Finally, we would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

From all of us here at

The Irish National Heritage Park