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Hi There!

My name is Marie and I am part of the social media team here at the Heritage Park with Alan and Chris. We created our team back in 2017 as we believed there was a real need to produce informative, educational but also fun content for you.  Thanks to Alan’s filming and editing skills and Chris’ radio background (and his love for being in front of the camera!), we have been able to create many videos promoting events, activities and crafters at the park.  As the interest in our videos grew, we decided to create “ Behind the Scenes” videos to show what we are up to on a regular basis.  I remember very clearly a conversation with the then senior tour guide when I started here back in 2006 as a French Tourism student. I told him that Irish people were very welcoming to which he answered “ Irish people aren’t welcoming, they are just nosy!”. 13 years on, I can say that rather than being nosy people in general are just interested in what’s going on.  That’s actually the purpose of this new blog, telling people what we are up to. Every month, I will try my best to give you an overview of what’s happening here at the Park. 

A bientot! Marie

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