Support the Irish National Heritage Park

The Irish National Heritage Park is a not-for-profit company and a registered Charity (RCN 20204474) created to tell the story of human settlement in Ireland, from the arrival of the first humans to the first wave of Norman invaders in 1169.

We tell our story through 15 reconstructed sites and a live archaeological dig at Carrig, the site of the first Norman castle built in Ireland. We have been open since 1987 and now have our own unique history that reflects how we tell our story and how that has changed radically over the years. 

We are a cultural organisation that is committed to playing our part in preserving Ireland’s rich heritage and communicating it to the widest possible audience in an educational and fun way.

Since we opened in 1987, we have welcomed over a million visitors and the number of people who come to see us every year is now higher than ever. Nearly 55% of these are young people, travelling with their families, schools or colleges.

We would not be here without the financial contributions of all our supporters, from the local authority and our local community to the visitors who come here from every part of Ireland and the world. Every cent we earn goes back into the running of the Park. We also bid for project-based funding through various State and EU-funded schemes.

Please consider supporting our work so we can continue to grow and evolve!

How can you help?

These are the ways in which you can help us:


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